Personalised Love You Photo Cushion


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Get ready to sweep someone off their feet and tell them how much you love them with our Personalised Love You Photo Cushion. It’s not just a cushion—it’s a testament to your affection, a symbol of love that will envelop them in warmth and joy.

Express Your Love with a Gorgeous Filled Cushion

Prepare to witness pure delight as your loved one receives this stunning-filled cushion. With its captivating design and undeniable charm, it will constantly remind them of the love surrounding them. This is your chance to make a grand gesture, to express your deepest emotions in a truly extraordinary way.

Capture Memories in the ‘O’ of ‘LOVE’

Take their breath away by personalizing the cushion with a photo of your choice, placed inside the letter ‘O’ of ‘LOVE.’ It’s a moment frozen in time, a memory encapsulated within the essence of love itself. This simple yet powerful gesture will touch their hearts and create a lasting connection.

Make Every Detail Count with High-Quality Images

When selecting the photo for personalization, choose an image of the highest quality possible. This will ensure that every nuance and emotion is vividly captured, transforming the cushion into a true work of art that evokes deep emotions and cherished memories.

Dimensions that Ignite Passionate Emotions

This cushion is designed to make a powerful impact, measuring 122mm in width and 122mm in height. The image showcased within the O’ of LOVE becomes the centrepiece, drawing their gaze and filling their heart with love, tenderness, and passion.

Care Instructions for a Love That Lasts

To keep this symbol of love looking its best, follow the care instructions carefully. Cool wash only, line dry, and iron on the reverse side to ensure the cushion’s longevity and vibrant beauty. Show your dedication to their happiness by preserving the cushion’s impeccable appearance.

Indulge in the Luxurious Comfort of 100% Cotton.

Crafted from 100% cotton, this filled cushion offers a luxurious touch and unmatched comfort. Its softness invites them to snuggle up, providing a warm and cosy experience that enhances their enjoyment of this romantic gift.

A Complete Package of Love: Cushion Insert Included!

No need to worry about finding the perfect cushion insert—the package includes it! This means you can present the gift as a complete package, ready to embrace and be embraced to bring comfort and joy to your loved one.

Prepare for a moment of pure romance and affection as you present this gorgeous, Personalised Love You Photo Cushion. It’s a love letter in a tangible form, a symbol of the depth of your emotions. Order now and be ready to witness their eyes filled with love, gratitude, and an overwhelming sense of adoration. Let love bloom with every glance at this great cushion that celebrates the beauty of your bond.


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