Personalised You & Me Photo Cushion


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Get ready to surprise that special someone with the exquisite beauty of our Personalised You & Me Photo Cushion! It’s not just an ordinary gift—it’s a personalised masterpiece that ignites their emotions and creates a lasting impression.

A Beautiful Personalised You & Me Photo Cushion

Imagine the sheer joy on their face when they receive this stunning cushion. With its contemporary design and impeccable craftsmanship, it’s bound to make a statement in any room. The perfect combination of style and sentiment, this cushion symbolises your love and affection.

Personalise Your Love Story with a Cherished Image

Take this gift to the next level by personalising it with your chosen image in the centre. It’s an opportunity to showcase a cherished memory or a special moment that holds a deep significance in your relationship. Surrounding the image, the fixed text ‘You + Me’ adds a touch of romance and meaning.

Ensure the Highest Quality for an Unforgettable Gift

When selecting the image for personalisation, ensure it’s of the highest possible quality. This will ensure that every detail is captured, resulting in a truly unforgettable gift that will be treasured forever.

Perfect Dimensions for Stunning Visual Impact

Measuring 230mm in width and 230mm in height, this cushion is designed to make a visual impact. The image will be prominently displayed, drawing attention and evoking heartfelt emotions with its presence.

Care Instructions for Long-Lasting Beauty

To maintain the beauty of this cushion, follow the care instructions diligently. It is recommended to cool-wash only, line dry, and iron on the reverse side. You can enjoy its splendour for years to come by giving it the proper care.

Embrace the Comfort and Quality of 100% Cotton.

This exceptional cushion is made from 100% cotton, providing a soft and comfortable touch. Its luxurious material adds an extra layer of elegance and ensures your loved one can relax and enjoy its beauty.

A Complete Package: Cushion Insert Included!

No need to worry about finding the right cushion insert—the package includes it! This means you can present the gift as a complete package, ready to be displayed and cherished immediately.

Prepare to witness the overwhelming joy on their face as they receive this Personalised You & Me Photo Cushion. It’s a gift that will speak volumes about your love and thoughtfulness. Order now and create an unforgettable moment filled with warmth, happiness, and endless appreciation!


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