Handwriting Engraved Signature Bar Necklace


  • Chain measure: 18in (48cm)
  • Length- 3cm
  • Width- 1cm
  • Height- 0.2cm
  • Style: Minimalist

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Cherish Forever with the Handwriting Engraved Signature Bar Necklace

Our Handwriting Engraved Signature Bar Necklace is the latest addition to our collection, and it’s a timeless piece suitable for all ages. With this exquisite necklace, a cherished handwritten note or card can transform into a stunning keepsake, treasured for a lifetime.

A Touch of Uniqueness – The Handwriting Range

Our Handwriting Range adds an extra touch of uniqueness to the already beautiful design. Capture the essence of your loved one’s handwriting and turn it into a heartfelt remembrance, celebrating special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, or even surprising a young lady with a small yet meaningful gift.

A Gift from the Heart

Your loved one will be thrilled to see their handwriting beautifully transformed into a unique and thoughtful gift. This statement bar necklace symbolises love and appreciation, carrying the essence of a cherished message close to their heart.

Simple Elegance for Everyday Wear

Our new range of simple jewellery, including this signature bar necklace, is designed for everyday wear. Embrace the understated elegance and let the necklace become a part of your loved one’s daily ensemble, constantly reminding you of the love and affection you share.

Personalisation Made Easy

Personalising the necklace is a breeze. Send us a high-resolution photo of the text on white unlined paper, with a message limit of 1-2 words. This simple act adds a special touch to this beautiful keepsake, making it uniquely yours.

Stunning Matte Gold Elegance

The Handwriting Engraved Signature Bar Necklace exudes elegance and sophistication in a stunning matte gold colour. The miniature personal message of your choice will be delicately engraved, creating a striking contrast against the gold backdrop.


  • Material: Matte Gold
  • Message Limit: 1-2 words

Treasure Timeless Moments

With the Handwriting Engraved Signature Bar Necklace, embrace the power of preserving timeless moments. Celebrate the beauty of your loved one’s handwriting and gift them a treasure they’ll cherish forever.

send your photo to: sharpgiftandeventstore@gmail.com


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